Flame On
Posted by McWipey almost 2 years ago

I'm coming back for pre-patch, logged in today and well this is where my mog is atm. Dunno what class I'm going to play in Shadowlands yet!?

SilentStorm182 almost 2 years ago

this transmog is really "bringing the heat" all though i would have use "The Fel Barrier" as the shield.

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Slot Name Source
Head Crown of Destruction
Shoulders Erupting Volcanic Shoulderwraps Vendor
Shirt Stylish Red Shirt Profession
Chest Corrupted Hexxer's Vestments Avatar of Sethraliss Temple of Sethraliss Mythic
Waist Runed Copper Belt Profession
Legs Thoracic Flame Kilt Beth'tilac Firelands Normal
Feet Marshcreeper Sludgeboots World Drop
Wrist Lava Line Wristbands Lord Rhyolith Firelands Normal
Back Parrotfeather Cloak Skycap'n Kragg Freehold Mythic
Main Hand Eye of Purification Beth'tilac Firelands Normal
Off Hand Bloodforged Guard Quest
Tabard Tabard of Brute Force Achievement