Armored priest
Posted by Goferki almost 2 years ago

Head: Demonic Gladiator's Satin Hood (Vendor) Shoulders: Mantle of Broken Spirits (Demonic Inquisition Tomb of Sargeras Mythic) Shirt: Master Builder's Shirt (World Drop) Chest: Goldweave Tunic (Quest) Waist: Cord of Animated Contagion (Vectis Uldir Mythic) Legs: Leggings of Lingering Infestation (MOTHER Uldir Mythic) Feet: Volatile Walkers (Taloc Uldir Mythic) Hands: Spellbound Specimen Handlers (World Drop) Back: Embroidered Lightforged Drape (Vendor) Main Hand: Self-Rotating Dagger of Xing (World Drop) Off Hand: Gossamer Rod (World Drop) Tabard: Army of the Light Tabard (Vendor)

McWipey almost 2 years ago

Looks good! Thanks for posting, ill make a video on the item list, im not sure if the instructions I wrote are super clear. Heres an example post of an item list post.

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